Walk in Showers & Baths

At Azztec we understand that for many people an assisted bath, walk in shower or wet room isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. When injury or disability makes using your existing bathroom uncomfortable or even dangerous, it is important that you are able to make the necessary changes to keep yourself safe and make using your bathroom simple again.

Our dedicated team at Azztec can help you make the right decisions for you. Whether a wet room, easy access shower or specially designed walk in bath, we provide impartial, straightforward advice based on your individual bathing and toileting needs. Our relationships with major bathing manufacturers can help us to target the ideal solution, combining quality products with exceptional service and all at a highly competitive price.


The vast range of bespoke wetrooms and walk in showers that we supply and install offer easy access to those in need of a more comfortable bathing option. Walk in showers with fitted handrails and folding shower seats available, our walk in showers give control back to the user. Low level access and slip resistant shower trays mean our showers are both safe and convenient.

What’s more our walk-in showers can be made to measure, meaning that if your shower is replacing an old model, or is being used in place of a bath, it can not only fit seamlessly into your bathroom’s design, but also be done so quickly, with the specifications already taken when we come to assess your bathroom space. No mess or stress, just a neat and clean replacement.

Walk in Baths and Power Baths

When stepping in and out of your bath becomes a problem, a walk in bath is the logical step. Whether a full length bath that allows you to lie flat and relax, or a deep and wide walk-in that provides a raised seat, every bath that we supply and install is selected to meet your specific requirements.

For those who find lowering and raising themselves difficult, we can also supply a powered seat or bath lift for getting in and out. Our powered solutions are a great way for wheelchair users, or those with limited walking ability, to maintain their independence. Our power assisted bath lift equipment can be fixed to a specific height and have the ability to swing fully out of the bath for the ultimate convenience.